Vantage point

Friday, December 22, 2006


That is me laughing as I look at the stack of graphic novels that I am going to read today, and then tomorrow on the plane. There are 3 Lady Snowblood paperbacks, several Hellboy comics, Frank Miller & Dave Gibbons' 'Martha Washington Saves the world', and about half a dozen comics by Warren Ellis. All brand new, mint condition, easily worth at least 300 dollars or so. Plus there are 3 exquisitive art-works.

And I get to read them all for free! How did I manage to pull this off? Mwahahahaha! By asking Beatzo if there are some comics he wants me to carry back for him from the US. Sure enough, packages started arriving. And I have them all here, and am reading them.
And I am spilling food all over them. No, I'm not. That was just to give Beatzo a minor heart attack.