Vantage point

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Darwin Award for Pakistan

I came to know about the whole ball tampering issue a bit late. When I first heard about just the drama I was like, OK, maybe there was something to it. If Inzy really was sure that the ball had not been tampered with, then his indignation was justified. And the decision to delay the session understandable. I do believe Inzy is one of the most decent players around and would not be part of something dishonest.

But then I heard the score. Then I sat still for a few seconds. Then I went "WHAT!!!" rather loudly, making the tiny Chinese girl on the terminal next to me spill a bit of her coffee. Pakistan was sure to win the match. By pulling this stunt, they actually forfeited a test victory. That too a face saving test victory after losing the series.

This decision ought to qualify for the Darwin Awards. No one died of course, but still, the stupidity needs to be celebrated.