Vantage point

Saturday, August 19, 2006

He He...

Okay, some people who wrote in vastly appreciative mails about my PSU post are going to be pissed and hate me for life. But you all know my addiction for wordplay. And when such a massive opportunity for wordplay (alphabet-play??) presented itself, it would be unfair to expect me to restrain myself.

Later today I will be reaching PSU... the Pennsylvania State University. I will be starting my PhD in Marketing over there, specialising in Business Marketing.

Ever since the whole 125 crore brouhaha last year, one question I was getting sick to the teeth of was "So where are you working these days?" or "What are your future plans?".

So where was I working?

After the whole issue, folks responded really admirably. I had a total of 26 interview invites, from all sorts of top companies in all sorts of sectors, and for roles in marketing as well as other disciplines. But I took the opportunity given by that change in life to take a decision which was always lurking in the background in the scheme of things. I took the decision to move from the corporate world to the world of academics.

For that I would need to write the GMAT, gather transcripts, recos, write essays, the whole shebang, none of which would be possible if I took up a full time job in the meanwhile. So I did some consulting work for a couple of companies, which more than paid my bills. Got a few admits. Chose Penn State because it is one of the best schools to study Business Marketing in.

Vantage Point thus moves to the center of Pennsylvania.

P.S - Oh and yes, I still hate Public Sector Undertakings. :)

P.P.S - That does not mean I hate folks working in PSUs. Folks working in Indian PSUs are as bright as those in the private sector. They just happen to be stuck in a structure where the incentives are screwed up and priorities are warped. After all, Mittal's global empire has been built by a lot of former employees of Indian PSUs.