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Friday, August 11, 2006

Sushikshit Fight

This was going to be a marathi post on my never-updated marathi blog. But my computer crashed, forcing me to rely on net cafes. Netcafes do not have the sofwtare requried for composing marathi in unicode.

When two well-to-do Delhiites fight, they let loose the choiciest of expletives invoking the females in each others' families. When two well-to-do Lucknowites fight, they take care never to slip up from using "Aap". When two well-to-do Bombayites fight, they raise voices, and make threats of bodily violence, daring the other person to take the first blow. Of course, both Bombayites are in a hurry so they go their separate ways before the violence begins.

When two well-to-do Puneites fight, they follow a very peculiar methodology. They berate each other for behaving in such a deplroable manner inspite of being "sushikshit" i.e educated.

One such exchange which I was privy to recently -

man1 - He bagha, tumhi mee mhaNto te aika (Look here, you listen to what I am saying)
man2 - Aho tumhi sushikshit asoon asa kaay vaagta? (Why are you acting like this in spite of being educated?)
man1 - sushikshitpanaa kaadhu nakaa. sushikshit aslyamulech mala kaLatay ki tumhi chook aahat. (Don't bring education into this. It is because I am educated that I understand that you are wrong.)
man2 - Aaho! Mee pan sushikshit aahe. Driver aslo mhanun kaahi mala ashikshit samju naka. I am also educated. (Hey! Even I am educated. Just because I am a driver don't think I am uneducated. I am also educated.)
man1 - Tumcha sushikshitpanaa kiti rikama aahe te kaltay (It is obvious how emoty your education was)
man2 - Jaasti bolu naka saaheb. Maajhya shikshanabaddal kahi bolu nakaa. (Don't talk too much, sir. Don't talk about my education)
man1 - Kaa? Kaa? Ataa kaa? Swatahach sushikshitpanacha vishay kaadhla na? Ata kashala laajtaay? Kuthlya college madhye shiklaat tumhi? (Why? Why? What's the matter now? You brought up the whole point about bein educated, right? Why are you feeling ashamed now? Which college did you go to?)

This is the umpteenth fight between Punekars that I have seen descend completely from the topic at hand and gravitate towards each others' education.

The city truly takes its "Education Capital" tag a tad too seriously!