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Monday, July 19, 2004

The Heat on Bush - Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore will probably always find it difficult to live up to Bowling For Columbine which won him an Academy Award. But with Fahrenheit 9/11, he comes pretty close to doing so.
F911 and BFC are two different documentaries. BFC was better because of Moore's analysis of the rising number of gun-related crimes in USA. Half of that movie was facts and half of it was a well articulated theory. F911 is more fact-based. Moore has worked hard to gather facts that strip the current American government naked. And he has done so by using information that is available largely in the public domain.

The first I heard of Moore was when I came to know about his acceptance speech at the Academy Awards when he lambasted Bush for waging war on Iraq. At that time, I thought he was one of the many celebrities voicing their opinions. However, F911 shows that Moore has been collecting evidence against Bush, right from the time he became President.

The documentary asks many questions that would make a Republican voter squirm in his seat. For instance, why, when all aircrafts were grounded for days after 9/11, and even celebrities like Rick Martin were forced to cancel their concerts because of the same, did the Bush government work hard to get 24 members of the Bin Laden family out of USA? Whenever you suspect a person of committing a crime, and he is absconding, don't you expect the police to interrogate his relatives to unearth some information? Then why were the Bin Ladens flown out with top priority? Why were only 11,000 troops were sent to Afghanistan, while 120,000 were sent to Iraq? Why are American soldiers in Iraq? These and many other questions which no Replublican can answer.
The first half of the documentary concentrates on collating facts about Bush and his connections with the Saudis. It examines the suspicious connections that almost all members of the Bush administration have.
The second half, is a bit like a Vietnam War Movie. Disillusioned, frustrated and disappointed soldiers and their parents wondering, "Why are we in Iraq?". In one amazing scene, Moore stands outside the Capitol with a Recruitment Officer of the US Army. he first informs us that out of the 500 odd Congressmen, only 1 has a son who is enlisted in the army and serving in Iraq. So Moore and the officer start asking Congressmen if they would enlist their children in the army. It is funny to see the alacrity with which the Congressmen escape from Moore.
F911 gets it point across loud and clear. If Bush loses the forthcoming election, then i am sure this documentary will have a large part to play in it.