Vantage point

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Laloo Model of Success

The Laloo....or should I say Lalu Model of Success amazes me because of its sheer simplicity. Of course, such a model could work only in a system set on socialist roots.

Lalu first says a lot of things which serve to lower the expectations of the general public to a rock bottom. In this he is supported by the soundbyte-hungry media, which gives even minor matters like "what to serve tea in" more news-space than a terrorist attack. He gets us all thinking "Railways to gaya". He spews out a lot of "pro-poor" stuff, which basically means "anti-rich", leading us all to believe that he will make us pay through our noses for upper class journeys.

And then he comes out with something very mediocre, like this rail budget.

By this time, our expectations have gone so negative, that even a zero seems positive.