Vantage point

Monday, June 28, 2004

Some Cricket Now...

It has been many days since I made a cricket-related post. So here goes..

- Gibbs and Boje are apparently going to tour India. Not a very wise decision, if you ask me, knowing the Delhi Police's zeal when it comes to rounding up celebrities for routine questioning that leads nowhere. This issue has international scandal written all over it.

- Boycott will spend a few days with the Indian cricket team during the training camp giving some batting tips. Very good move by the BCCI if you ask me. Boycott is a walking encyclopaedia on batting technique, but what would separate him from a grumpy Rusi-Surti-type would be the fact that he values natural flair too. I would particularly love to be a fly on the wall when he talks to Sehwag.

- Cable & Wireless, sponsors of the West Indies cricket team almost from the day Christopher Columbus set foot on those islands, have finally called it quits. They have instead opted to sign up Brian Lara. This reminds post on why Brian Lara, while being a genius batsman, is one of the reasons for the decline of West Indian still pending.

- Sri Lanka started their Australia tour. Now this is a team which, with Murali in it, was whitewashed at home by the Aussies. I bet there are many Lankans praying for some sort of a terrorist attack on Australia, so that they can pack and leave midway.

The most hilarious quote of the past few weeks however comes from New Zealand John Bracewell who says -

"Good luck to them. While we're not allowed to do it in New Zealand, they're obviously allowed to do it over here. Our policy is to produce the best cricket wickets possible, not ones that suit the home team."

Maybe this is Bracewell's tribute to Pinnochio Clinton, whose autobiography came out a few days back.