Vantage point

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Cabinet Expansion?

Some additions to my blogroll

Hirak - Have been reading his blog for over a year, but always forget to link it. Pune-ite now in YooEssAyy. A member of the famous BC Quiz Club., and idolated by female quizzers. ;)

Sumedha - Queen of english lit and celebrity birthdays. Junior from COEP E&TC.

Piyush - Classmate from COEP, and current room-mate in Bangalore.

Vinayak - Sumedha;s batchmate, a quantum physicist trapped in an engineer's body. Possesses the first punjuabi-accent I heard in my life.

Freaks Inc - A motley collection of bloggers from UMBC.

Navneet - Quizzer, alumnus of AIT, cricket is his forte.

Ajit - Brilliant classmate from COEP, now studying in IISc Bangalore. Occasional poet.

Anand - Another relic from the BCQC, is an HR guy working in Mumbai.

Rajk - Is it a bird? Is it a plane?'s just Rajk. :P IIML batchmate, currently doing his bit to make Azim Premji's wallet fatter than it already is.

Jivha - Most prolific Indian blogger, averaging ten posts a day. Very opinionated, leans to towards secularism, which I agree with, and towards leftist ideology, which I disagree with. His hobby is linking articles from the Times of India and then attacking the newspaper. I suspect he is a clever marketing gimmick by Times people, to increase the popularity of their web edition.