Vantage point

Wednesday, March 17, 2004


The worst dressed decade of all times has to be the 1980s. Movies and TV shows from that era, whether Indian or American, never fail to invoke disgust on account of that very reason. What were the people then thinking!!!?????

And if a breed of dogs ever belonged to the 80s, it is the Pomeranian. They are tiny, but not cute. They are furry, but not nice to touch. They have the most irritating yelp and the sort of nose that you want to step on. If India ever went to war with Korea and I was enlisted, sent on the front(!), captured by the enemy, and fed a dog, I would prefer that it be a pomeranian. For what better way to contribute to the world than to reduce its pom population?

If you dislike the breed as much as I do, you should have no trouble figuring out why the nickname for Britishers as a nation is "Poms".