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Saturday, January 31, 2004


These are some of the questions I asked at the Quizzing Nite in IIML. There are some visual

questions as well, and the corresponding images can be accessed at

Visuals with the qn nos as the image names.

1. This idea is the brainchild of Adam Gilchrist, who wrote about it in a newspaper column and suggested it as an annual event. He suggested the name �Tendulkar-Waugh Cup� . The chairman of Cricket Australia, Bob Merriman endorsed the idea, and has promised to support it. The idea may become a reality next year. Explain in detail.

2. Connect the two images qn2 and qn2b.

3. Give the final name and funda- Bob Mack, Gene Borkan, Michael Reid Mackay, Cat Mueller, Heidi Schanz, Gwyneth Paltrow, ___________________

4. The official website says - "According to ancient Arabic literature, love is classified into 7 different shades. This is true even today. ________ is a journey through these 7 shades of love. The feelings are as old as mankind, only the circumstances have changed. Come step through the seven shades with us "
hub �attraction
uns - infatuation
ishq - love
aquidat - reverence
ibaadat - worship
junoon - obsession
maut - death.

5. Look at image qn5. 2 points for this one. 1 point for identifying the person whose face has been blacked out. 1 point for identifying BOTH the remaining guys and giving the funda.

6. Look at images qn6 and qn6b. 2 points again. 1 point for naming the song that connects these images. 1 point for naming ALL THREE people in the second pic.

7. Steve Waugh's first as well as last test dismissals have been by a leg spinner. Last is obvious. Name the first.

8. Look at the image. Whose face should be in place of the question mark?

9. There are 2 pair of states currently whose CMs share surnames. However, in the case of one one pair, the similarity is not evident because an anglicised version of the surname is used. Give me both.

10. Fill in the blank
__________________ 821,319
Cruz M. Bustamante 681,438
Tom McClintock 202,823
Peter Miguel Camejo 46,775
Arianna Huffington 12,270

11. Look at the image of a powerpoint slide. Guess the audio that I played, and give the full funda.

12. The climax of this recent movie was co-written unwittingly by X and Y. A & B play key roles in the movie and have to make important speeches in the end. A asked X who was his very good friend to pen down the speech for him. B asked his father - Y to pen down his speech. Name the movie,A,B,X,Y.

13. The final of the IFA Shield in 1911 is seen in two different lights by historians. While Britishers think it signalled the success of their colonisation since the natives took to a foreign sport, the Indians view it as the first major expression of nationalism in the field of sports. What happened?

14. Connect Aamir Khan to "The Sign of Four" .

15. Identify who has been blacked out in this panel from a Tintin comic.

and last but not the least,

16. A question which very few people will be able to answer. Whoever does so first will win a masala dosa. :)
Cawdor : Bollywood :: Scotland : ???
Give me the full funda as well.

Either mail me the answers at sabnis{ATTHERATE}{dot}in or post them in the comments section. In either case, do specify the answers you got without using google. :)