Vantage point

Saturday, January 17, 2004

It all started like any other love story, as the movie's site informs us. Yet, by the time the end credits roll up, one has seen one of the best thriller movies made in Bollywood.

This movie starts off well, and it just keeps going, like a flawless Dravid innings. It has everything in right measure, like a Dravid innings. There are stellar performances by all the actors, a well thought out plot, brilliant dialogues, slick action sequences, a rivetting background score...I could go on and on.

Ek hasina Thi, the latest product from Ramgopal Varma's stable is not just an entertaining quickie like Darna Mana Hai. It is right up there on the production house's list, with Satya and Rangeela, in terms of being a superlative piece of cinema.

Its biggest strength, is its intelligent and wellcrafted script and screenplay. The amount of thought that has been put into the script is evident from many sequences, which I shall not enumerate, lest they act as spoilers. The dialogues do the right job at the right time, conveying humour and irony in equal measure. The pace never slackens, which is a remarkable achievement for an Indian thriller.

Coming back to my analogy of a Dravid innings, if the first half of the movie is like a fluent Dravid century, then the second half is an exciting race to the double century with even more strokeplay. Urmila has really outdone herself. Her most acclaimed roles so far were Kaun and Bhoot, which required her to be either scared, or crazy. This role is much more challenging, in which she has to portray a transformation in her personality brought about by real life events. She came into her element in the scene when she hugs Saif in the prison, and from there on, it is just one awesome award-winning performance. Saif does a splendid job as does Seema Biswas. But the movie well and truly belongs to Urmila.

A lot of people who go to watch the movie after reading this post will go in with ultra-high expectations. I firmly believe that the movie will measure up to them.

So as my MSN sign-in says, and will say for many days - Ek Hasina Thi - Go watch it immediately!!!!