Vantage point

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Manfest is here. It is IIML's All India Management fest. This 3 day long event usually involves a lot of events, both business related, as well as normal lit ones.

Siddharth Basu conducted the Business Quiz yesterday in which a whopping 140 teams took part. I participated with Nikhil, and we were the less fancied IIML team. Yet, luckily, we made it to the finals, being the only team representing the host institute. Basu was very loud, theatrical, and not at all the dignified gentleman that he is on television. on TV I have rarely seen him crack a smile, and yet at Manfest he was all haha-hehe. The questions themselves were okayish.

Nikhil and I came third, with the top two spots going to teams from IIMC.

Doing well in a biz quiz is a really different experience.

I am more interested in the Maestro quiz, which is a general lone wolf speciality quiz. one of the quizmasters is livejournal user - Beatzo. I hope I do well enough to make it to the finals. My previous attempts at Lone Wolf quizzes in the AIT B C Joshi Memorial Quiz have been unfruitful. It will be even tougher here, since only one finalist will be chosen per speciality. I am wondering which speciality to go for. My knowledge of football is not good enough for me to choose Sports, and my knowledge of Western music is not good enough for me to choose Arts n Entertainment. It is going to be a tossup between Lit&Comis and History&Myth.