Vantage point

Thursday, January 29, 2004


J Ramanand, the incumbent Mastermind India, has started a quizzing blog - Interrobang. We can call this "a different quiz blog", because the purpose is not to exhcange questions and answers like thousands of quiz blogs dotting the blogscape. Interrobang aspires to be more of a Quizzing Almanack.

In the words of its creator,

This is a quizzing blog, but it's not quite about swapping questions. Rather, it proposes to serve as a notepad for myriad thoughts on the techniques of setting and conducting quizzes, investigating further into the nature and concepts behind the universally acclaimed and sometimes elusive "good question".

Of late, I have found making and conducting quizzes more satisfying than participating in one. To quizzers like us, every question is a painstakingly compiled miniature, somewhat like the little grain of rice with stuff carved on it that you see at many gift shops in India. To the clueless passerby, a bowl of such rice grains might just be that - a bowl of rice grains. But to the appreciative eye, it is the carving on it that makes the bowl of rice invaluable.

It is the same with quiz questions. A bunch of quiz questions don't vary from each other, whether they are from Mastermind, Kaun Banega Crorepati or COEP Boat Club. But the inherent richness of the question is somewhat like vintage wine, and is appreciated only by a few.

The URL for the blog is

The name holds special significance to anyone who has ever quizzed on the COEP Boat Club Lawns, and the etymology is explained by Ramanand in this post.

The blog starts off, fittingly enough, with a 2-part post by Niranjan about "Setting a Quiz". It can be to quality quizmastering, what "Art of Cricket" by Bradman is to cricket.

So visit this site if you want to learn more about the intellectual orgasm that is quizzing.