Vantage point

Friday, February 06, 2004

This is the end!!!

The Beginning of the end of the IIM Brand

...being orchestrated by that loon, Murli Manohar Joshi.

There are only 2 things possible -

a) Like many other stupid decisions, this too is "rolled back" in a year or so.
b) The government persists with this decision and brand IIM dies.

I count myself very lucky to have made it to an IIM before the astrology-crazy socialist ass decided to break something that wasn't broken. this is apparently supposed to make "education accessible" to all. First of all, over one lakh people apply for CAT. It is the biggest number of candidates for any management entrance exam worldwide. Out of these about 1000 qualify for admission into IIMs.

I challenge Murli Manohar Joshi to list even 5 students who were unable to take admission, or complete their education in an IIM because of lack of funds.

EACH AND EVERY student gets a loan very easily.
EACH AND EVERY student gets placed in a job which helps him comfortably repay the loan.

Not only has MMJ tried to solve a problem that did not exist, he has created hundreds of new problems.

IIMs A,B and C might still be able to provide quality education to their students because they earn a lot from conlusting. But for newer IIMs like L, K and I, this is like sounding a deathknell.

And this also reduces the business of banks providing education loans by about 50 crores per year.

I am so upset right now that I am mouthing expletives addressed to Joshi. I will make another post after I have cooled down a bit.