Vantage point

Wednesday, December 24, 2003


The award jointly goes to Kareena Kapoor and "India's best friend"(in the words of Boycott), Stuart Macgill.

Before the first tes, when all Aussie bowlers were licking their lips at the thoughts of bowling to an Indian side, reputed to bat horribly abroad, all the bowlers were making weird statements in the press. Brad Williams first said "I should be picked because I have proven that I can perform at the test level", on the basis of his sole test against Zimbabwe. Then after Nathan Bracken was picked for the first test ahead of him, he made the infamous "I was not picked because I bowl with the wrong arm" quote.

However the most hilarious quote came from Stuey Macgill, who pushing for a place in the Adelaide test said, "I should be picked because I turn the ball away from right handers." What an astounding quote coming from a leg spinner!!!!!!!

Not as astounding as what Kareena Kapoor said though. Kareena, born with a silver clapper in her hands, brought up in a rich household, and handed a film debut on a silver platter said "I don�t identify with Chameli�s character". Chameli incidentally is the story of a low class prostitute , inspired from Pretty Woman.

Kareena and Stuart, please share the award.