Vantage point

Friday, December 05, 2003

Another short news article from the "Daily Some Achaar"
Indian cricket coaches to help improve literacy
New Delhi - According to some unconfirmed reports, there is hectic paperwork in progress in the HRD Ministry to sign on two new ambassadors for the Literacy Campaign about to be relaunched with renewed vigour.

These two ambassadors are going to be Bruce Reid, the bowling coach of the Indian cricket team and John Wright, the coach. The two are going to appear in ads mouthing Hindi in Kiwi and Aussies accents.

The slogan is tentatively supposed to be "Reid aur Wright kahe - Padhna aur Likhna seekho"(Reid and Wright say - Learn to read and write). The two coaches are currently in Australia assisting the Indian team's efforts to improve their away record.