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Monday, December 08, 2003

O&M does it again!!

O&M India have done it again, by coming up with the ad-series of this season for Hutch.

The ad season typically follows the cricket calendar with most of the ads being unleashed in a big way during a major cricket event. Most of the ads during the World Cup were disappointing to say the least. Hutch's ad then, featuring Rahul Dravid was irrrrrrrrritating to say the least.

This time, they have launched an ad series which does not have a cricket theme, but which will get even the grumpiest of us smiling. I think it was launched a couple of months back with one ad, but they have released the whole series recently, with the Australia tour.

Those outside India or those who haven't seen it yet can check the storyboard of the flagship ad in this series here - The Hutch Storyboard.

The message is simple, the little bulldog is very cute and the children are not annoying like in other ads. A pleasant song plays in the background, with a voice that sounds like Lobo's, whose "Baby I'd love you to want me" was used in the Tata Indica campaign a couple of years ago.

The ad series tugs at the "awwwwwwwwww cho chweet" sentiment in you, something that very few Indian ads have been able to achieve. Most go for either in-your-face humour or sentimentality.

The first ad is there in the storyboard, it is a 30-second spot. There are a few other 10-15 second spots which go like this -

Ad 2 - The bulldog is seen running from one spot to another, both spots about 10 feet away. The camera pans to show that above him, his owner, the little boy is on an oscillating swing. Then the message come on "Wherever you go, our network follows", with the jingle.

Ad 3 - A little boy is getting ready for his photograph. He smoothens his hair, straightens his shirt, and is wearing a genuine photographic smile. All the time we hear some muffled whimpers in the backgrounds. Then, just as the camera takes the snap, the dog jumps up with a yelp and is seen on screen. The message come on "Wherever you go, our network follows", with the jingle.

This ad series deserves all the kudos it is getting.