Vantage point

Thursday, December 18, 2003


You do not mouth off about Indian batsmen without being punished for it. Yet Stuart MacGill has not learnt his lesson. Reading this article, one realises he is acting like a sore loser, a belligerent schoolboy who was been thumped badly, but still pretends to have his prestige intact. A few excerpts -

"It's not as if they know what I am bowling, it's almost as if they don't really seem to care what I am bowling. They get to the pitch of the ball a lot better than most batsmen," he said.

"I really do like [the challenge], that morning day three was probably the most enjoyable time I've had in Test cricket without taking wickets. I never thought it would really do it for me, because wickets are what I play for. I really liked seeing the confusion on their faces as they hit me for four."

Confusion, eh? With an egg on his face, he probably finds it difficult to see what is on others' faces. Never mind, he will learn at Melbourne.....or at Sydney if he survives.