Vantage point

Sunday, August 17, 2003


Have made a few changes to my blog's look. Calvin has gone to play with Hobbes so I put the snapshot of the IIML road there. I also re-christened the blog "the road goes ever on...". However as I told all my friends, this was just a temporary measure until I zeroed in on a new look for my blog. Went through literally hundreds of templates, but I did not like any layout more than my current one. :-)

However I have put up a new pic instead of Calvin or the road. This image was sent to me by Suku and many of you will recognise the pic as.....hey, why don't we have a mini-quiz(Princess Anya is beseeched not to give away the answer). Let's see who can recognise the pic first.

I changed the name of the blog to "Vantage point" since that is what I think of this blog as. A vantage point from where I look at the world and make onservations.

Happy Viewing!