Vantage point

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Juda hai shaakh se gul rut se aashiyaaney se
Kali ga jurm ghaDibhar ka muskaraana tha

Is that not how life tends to be? Plucking away the slightest bit of happiness that makes its way into your life, like an insensitive brat would pluck a freshly bloomed flower.

Sometimes this fashions the mind into a pattern of uncertainty. So while a short stint of happiness will leave you exhilarated, as it prolongs, the bats of insecurity start making ominous rounds of your top floor. And because of that pattern of something going wrong while everything is fine, your mind starts preempting it. At times it even tries to scuttle a good thing by itself. Like the captain of that pirate ship in Asterix comics. In the first few comics, he gets irritated when Asterix & Obelix sink his ship. Then in one story as he sees them approaching, he takes a hatchet to the hold and sinks the ship himself, just to deny them the pleasure(!) of sinking his ship.

Khud apney haath se shehzaad usko kaaT diya
Ke jis darakht ki tehni pe aashiyaana tha

It takes a lot of effort to actually stop a mind fashioned into cynicism from doing this. To shut those bats out and to accept the fact that good times are here to stay. Cynicism is the worst addiction you can have. It is at the root of all superficial addictions.

Disclaimer for close friends -
The two shers I have quoted are from a Ghulam Ali ghazal called Khuli Jo aankh. Have been listening to it since the past few days. This post is more of a musing on the ghazal and not a reflection of what is happening in my life. No bats or hatchets here. :-)