Vantage point

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Imaginary conversation between bomber and his friend. Bomber is the a**$#^% who put the bombs in the BEST bus 2 days back.

Bomber: Yes!!! I have done it again. Dealt another blow to India, a country I hate.
Friend: Your operation was successful no doubt. But how does killing 4 innocent bystanders help us harm India? They are a billion, surely 4 won't make a difference to them.
Bomber: We also want to bleed them economically, yaar. That is where they have an advantage over us, their stronger economy.
Friend: What economic bleed? You destroyed the bus, a few lakh rupees. Maybe a rickshaw, that's a few thousand rupees. How is it going to bleed them economically?
Bomber: Oh no, you misunderstand me. You obviously haven't seen this news article. This is how we achieve that objective. As if our bombing them is not enough, they have these bandhs. It costs their economy crores of rupees. Imagine, the commercial capital of India just shutting down for one day!! That is of great value to us. We just keep bombing buses every couple of months, and the Shivsena will act like a bunch of emotional fools. They feel they are expressing solidarity with the victims and showing their anger to us. Little do they know that they are merely helping us achieve our objective.
Friend: Yes, you are right, and if we are lucky they might even burn down a few cars, shops, vehicles, break up BEST buses.
Bomber: Exactly! I tell you, this Indian obsession with "bandhs" is very helpful for us. 2 months later, another blast, and again a loss worth crores of rupees to the Indian economy. Such an easy game. Easier than inciting riots in Gujrat.

I know this is oversimplifying things, but I hope you get my point.