Vantage point

Thursday, August 07, 2003

How would you feel if the ending credits of a movie rolled up before the opening credits had ended? How would you feel if a bowl full of your favourite dessert ended after you had just taken the first bite? How would you feel if you had to say "goodbye" just moments after a "hello" had left your lips?

Sarika and I know exactly how that feels. We met a blogger we had been waiting to meet since ages, but the three days that he spent in Lucknow were so short to know a person like him. The Wanderer was in the city. It was great meeting him. He comes across as very intense from his entries, but when you meet him you realise that the intensity is very well masked by a very affable and easy going exterior. The three of us spent a lot of time in restaurants, coffee shops, a book shop and my room in IIML. We talked, listened to songs, played games like anti-tictactoe(where your objective is to force the other person to get three in a row), hangman and scrabble. It was as if we had known him for ages. He showed us the amazing pics taken during some of his wanderings, triggering a bout of wanderlust inside us.

But the great time we were having was rushing by so fast that three days got over in a jiffy and we were both standing at the Charbagh Railway Station saying goodbye to him. He leaves to pursue his MS in Ohio later this month. Goodbye my friend, wish you the best kind of success, your kind of success. Looking forward to the day when we meet again.