Vantage point

Friday, August 15, 2003

I suppose you all know about the "Big Blackout in US and Canada" by now. Here are a few musings, which have the potential to spark off a 14th Aug series, like Ravi's SARS series that led to more terror than the disease itself.

q- What is common to India and USA?
a- 14th August was the darkest day in both their histories.

If a large part of America is plunged into darkness for hours at end, it becomes a headline news all over the world. They call it "The Big Blackout". If something similar happens in Pune, we call it "thursday".

New York city is expected to have lost half a billion dollars because of this whole blackout deal. In Mumbai, we would have lost twice the amount. Half a billion during the blackout, and half a billion during the bandh that would be called by everyone (including the ruling party!!!!) to protest the blackout.

Just read this somewhere -
With most of his state back on line, Pataki said a power failure of this magnitude "shouldn't have happened."

*Gaurav stands up and gives a slow applause*. Is this dude articulate and insightful or what? It shouldn't have happened!!! That is brilliant.