Vantage point

Monday, June 09, 2003

Spent Sunday afternoon at the COEP Boat Club, with Ramanand, Harish and Saket. Did a bit of quizzing, and as usual, talked about many topics which I can talk about so well with them, because there is an initial foundation present.

Our Saturday afternoon quiz club meetings have evolved into so much more. It is almost like a confluence of similar minds. When we all talk, it is magical. As Harish said, it is difficult to speak with others in the same way about such topics.

Take Edward Norton for instance. We all admire him a lot and have talked about his movies so much, that if we have to talk about him some more, we can just start off where we left off some months ago. I don't know if I am describing the rapport I have with these guys very well, but it is very special. In strictly "friends" terms, we probably aren't as close as we are to other people. We don't know about each others first crushes or last heartbreaks. We very rarely discuss personal life. But still we just click instantly when we talk about the topic we do talk about.

It really is amazing. Missed the presence of others like Samrat, George, Niranjan etc this week. A session with all of them ends up to be more intellectually stimulating than anything else.

One thing that came up during our conversation was, as I said, Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. These two guys seem to have the most impeccable taste for movies that they choose to work in. Norton is universally regarded as a great actor and any movie of his is usually amazing. What kinda works against Pitt is his face. He is always viewed as a handsome heartthrob first and an actor second. But look at the movies he's worked in. Amazing. You can blindly pick up a film starring Norton or Pitt (or both, like 'The Fight Club') and rest assured that you are going to enjoy it.

By the way, I saw a movie on HBO last week, Higher Learning. A movie about racial tensions in a campus in America, starring Lawrence Fishburne, Kristy Swanson, and a very hot looking Jennifer Connelly. Decentish movie, but it reminded me of 'American History X' that i saw some months back. This Norton starrer is one of the most powerful movie I have ever seen. I am far removed from the whole black-white issue in USA but still I could "get" what the movie was trying to convey. In fact it can so easily fit the communal issue in India.

We have the Abbas Mastans, Mahesh Bhatts and Vikarm Bhatts of the world remaking mindless drivel from Hollywood. How about adapting American History X for the Indian scenario? With permission of course, we all know what happened to Karishma. Ever since I saw that movie, I have been creating an Indian screenplay for the movie in my mind. I am sure it will be a movie that will not just be a commercial success, but also deliver a very powerful message in these trying times. And I can picture only Aamir Khan doing justice to Norton's role.

Do watch AHX if you haven't.