Vantage point

Saturday, June 07, 2003


Does the mind have a language? Thought of this after reading a post on Shuchita's blog dates 4th June.

I asked myself, which language do I think in? Yes, when i am 'speaking' to myself, there is a definite language. It is either marathi or english, depending on the occasion, context etc. But the actual "thinking" process? When we analyse, apply logic....whatever that process is. Does it have a specific language? If so, then should some research be done about which language is the most thinker-friendly, i.e. in which language should you "think" if you want your brain to be the most productive? I know that research on computers has shown that Sanskrit is the best language for them. But will it be the same for the human brain?

This is one for Roger Penrose to answer.