Vantage point

Saturday, May 31, 2003

AN EVENING WITH RAVI AND YAZAD ( or "How I got an excellent guided tour of Mumbai TOWN")

We all met at 6 in the evening at McDonalds opposite CST. From here it was like a whirlwind chat session which ended 6 hours later, but went by so breezily, it could've been 6 minutes. Yazad, being the "town" boy, played the tole of a guide to the hilt, telling us stories behind many buildings. We walked to chowpatty, had bhelpuri there (BAD Mumbai bhelpuri!!!), then spent some time in Barista. After Barista we went to Gateway, roamed inside the Taj mahal Hotel, and finally had a delectable dinner at Bademiya.

We spoke about anything and everything, right from the different types of Maharashtrian Brahmins, to quizzing, to libertarian issues (the common thread between the three of us).

Another wonderful evening spent meeting bloggers. :-)