Vantage point

Saturday, June 07, 2003


Ever since I put up the referrals link on my blog, it has been a source of amusement for me. Whenever I come to the page, that is where I head, because it gives me the weirdest referrals ever possible.

The most common one is a google search for "gaurav sabnis". I wonder if this is done by just one person who can not remember the URL or if different people keep doing this all the time. Whatever the case might be, I always see that referral on my page. Just today a search for "Shantanu Joshi" had guided someoen to my page. Then there are searches for the most bizarre things that end up at my page. Most of the times, I don't give a damn about these things.

I don't give a damn about the National league, American league or All stars game which I assume to be phrases related to one of those mindless quasi-sports the Americans play among themselves and call the winner "World champion" (by this I mean baseball and American football). But the latest search to land up at my blog was "test the hypothesis that the National League scores more runs, on average, than the American League in the All Star Game". How on earth did my page feature all these words?

Some days back there was a search on "why seinfeld is better than friends". Ah eys, I've written tomes on this topic. :-)

Then today there was a search - "pakistani actress kavita". Ehhh?

There has also been a search for "bill lawry", one of my least favourite commentators I lambasted on my blog once.

Once someone searched "the salary or pay structure of junior level employees in the power sector in north india". I can assure you, that person must have returned empty handed.

The referral service I use does not permit archiving, so most of the stuff gets lost after some minutes. In the past I just used to read the funny referrals, laugh and forget abotu them. Now I am gonna note them and post them.