Vantage point

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Saw the most remarkable news item on BBC tonight (obviously CNN types wouldn't show it). It showed Iraqis who work in Jordan crowding bus stations to go back to their country! Normally during a war you would expect traffic in the opposite direction. But these people are heading back home with a smile on their face. A woman at the bus stop satrted crying seeing how happily these people were heading back into a country suffering from an unjust aggression.

In other news, I saw Saddam on TV exhorting people to cut off the heads of Amru and Brit GI's etc etc etc. That doth not interest me. What was of interest was that the Saddam delivering the speech looked soooooo different from the Saddam who came on TV the day the war started. I wodner which one of them was a dummy and which one was original....or if both were dummies.

Speaking of dummies, Blair and Bush were addressing a conference together. So easy to get duplicates for em. Just round up the primates at the San Diego zoo.

Oh by the way, I am back home in Pune. =-)