Vantage point

Tuesday, March 25, 2003


We all have someone we idolise, try to emulate and draw inspiration from. Some have historic figures as their idols, some have celebrities.

While I admire big names a lot, somehow I have always found an aura of fiction surrounding them. I mean I just know one aspect of can I think them to be ideal? Call it a big ego or cynicism, but I can't take one person's portrayal in the media or history books and call it an "ideal personality". For me a person has to be convincing to invoke that kind of respect. I have always looked at my parents as a source of inspiration. Remember the story of Lord Ganesha? However other than my parents, there are a few others I idolise.

My idols have been from real life (i.e mine). People whom I know very well, whom I have seen grow, evolve, change and yet...not change!

All three are good friends of mine. Just looking at their lives, their behaviour, their attitude, their decisions, their way of thinking... I feel inspired.

Till last year, I used to meet them very regularly, but since I have moved here, that does not happen much. I realise how much I miss their inspiring presence. I will not write about why these are my idols. Two of them read my blog, and I get a feeling they would feel bashful about it.

Thank you for enriching my life and teaching me a lot, Satyen Kale, Shantanu Joshi and Kaustubh Apte.