Vantage point

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

You all must have read about the massacre of Pandits in Kashmir

Be they Muslims in Gujarat, or the Pandits in Kashmir, I can not, can not, can not imagine anything more tragic and gut wrenching than becoming refugees in your own land. I tend to put myself in their positions, and I feel really sad.

Meanwhile parliament and assembly wells are stormed and speeches are made. The secularists will take this opportunity and lambast the VHP and the BJP......which really has nothing to do with the whole massacre at all. The rightists, neo-nationalists, them what you may, will take this opportunity to bash the Left and the Congress...though these two parties didn't have anything to do with it either.

Meanwhile whoever perpetrated Godhra, the subsequent riots and now this massacre (am not saying they are the same people), sit contented that they are doing their work well. Two days later, we go back to our work, our studies, our TV, our friends, and the politicians go back to their wells ( You can say this about Indian democracy - Khoda pahaaD, nikla kua). The people who are refugess in their own land will keep living in distress, fear and misery.

And what good am I doing either? I will go back to my life. Just thanking my luck that I am not a Gujarati Muslim or a Kashmiri Hindu.