Vantage point

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The most important time for a B-school, according to some, is here for IIM Lucknow. Today, our seniors' placements start in full flow. 72 companies in 3 days is a big ask, not just logistically, but for the participants as well. The placements are handled entirely by us First Year students.

There is a lot of work involved, right from getting the companies down at the right time, to arranging schedules and batches for GD's and interviews, to managing the situation if a guy gets offers from 2 companies at the same time, because an offer made and rejected is a job lost. Managing the whole thing has been an enriching experience for us, and the next 3 days will be the crescendo of all the efforts that have been put in thus far.

Already, some companies have started making job offers and judging by the loud cheering I heard on my floor, guys are getting jobs they wanted.

Today is an ultra busy day for everyone involved with the companies. I am a liaison for 3 companies, but have an off day today since the company scheduled for me today, ITC, is coming tomorrow. They will just be making offers since they have already conducted their process before (the period before day one is called day zero). I have to work with L&T and ONGC over the next 2 days.

But today, I effectively have a holiday, since no classes are held during placement time.

I have been utilising this time very conbstructively. I listened to O Humdum from Saathiya 3 times. It has been sung by 4 guys - Kaykay, Shaan, Kunal and Pravin Mani, and I spent a lot of time figuring out who has sung which part. :-P

Other things on my agenda today are reading "Snapshots from hell", a hilarious book about first year MBA at Stanford, and then watching India take on Zimbabwe in a do or die match.

South Africa is almost out of it. Assuming there are no "minnows beat biggies" upsets in Group B, South Africa can not make it to the Super Six stage unless Sri Lanka lose both their matches. Like England last time, the host nation may not reach the Super Six stage. How big a blow is that?