Vantage point

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Sorry for that image botch up yesterday. I wanted to test and see if the image link I had pasted, worked, but it did not, and I forgot to delete that post. Anyway, here is the actual image.

Now this image was sent to me by my friend Saket, a classmate and fellow quizzer from COEP. It is one of those photos that you look back at with a totally different perspective because due to events that have happened later, it holds so much significance.

This is the picture taken at our college Boat Club where we held our Quiz Club sessions every Saturday afternoon. This was one of the lean days with a sparse crowd (by our standards those days), where no one must have gotten any original questions to ask. So we see Ramanand asking us questions out of the book which had questions from the previous editions of Mastermind India. This picture seems so special now, almost a year hence, now that Ramanand has been crowned Mastermind India 2002.

Other bloggers in the image are Harish in the greenish grey shirt, and moi on Harish's left in the light grey(or white?) pullover.

BCQC was truly the best place on earth for us. And though I am no geriatric yet, I can confidently croon a la Bryan Adams, 'Those were the best days of my life!'