Vantage point

Tuesday, November 19, 2002


I have never seen a Bombay sunset. Today Suku was gushing over it so much, I asked her to describe it to me as it was happening. For all those missing her because of her temporary hiatus, here is what she said -

The sky is turning peachy yellow slowly. Man, i love these ashoka trees. They are beautiful. The birds are flying back to their nests. There is this chirpy hustle bustle. The local mogra seller is luring a group of enthusiastic south indian women folk. The veggie sellers and women folk are bargaining as usual. Ok, now one half of the sky is baby blue with white clouds drawing a unicorn like structure. The tallest coconut tree in my locality declares untouchable supremacy as if it were kissing the sky. The air smells good---cool, gentle, fragrant with a mixture of life, spirit and nature. Such surroundings are healing u know

Great isn't it? Makes me wanna go to Mumbai at once.