Vantage point

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's The Currency's Fault

Is it just me or does anyone else who sees Democrat leaders and media persons get all self-righteous and angry asking the Republicans, "Why did you make the mistake of going into Iraq?" feel like smashing the television? Seriously, don't they know the answer to the question which would be obvious to even a 5 years old? In case they don't, let me help out. Republicans went into Iraq because you people in the Democratic party, CNN, NBC, ABC, everywhere supported the decision. An idiotic decision. 70% Americans were in favour of it. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards voted for it.

And in case their answer is "Oh, but the President misled us/lied to us", sorry, but that just doesn't cut it. Especially when all the people who are in charge, in government as well as in the media, belong to the generation that suffered in Vietnam. And yet, you got suckered again. Let me point you to George Bush's cover version of the proverb you should keep in mind. So no point in acting as if it is all the Republicans' fault.

And what is with the whole consensus on getting the troops back home? Letting the Iraqis take care of themselves? Seriously, the Bush administration has been wrong on almost every count so far. And now for a change, they are saying the right thing, i.e. once you have gone in and created a mess there, leaving and creating a vacuum for all sorts of America-hater nutjobs to come in and take control? Have you forgotten the following chain of events - America goes into Afghanistan to counter the Russian invasion -> Russians go home -> Americans go home -> Chaos ensues -> America haters take control -> Bin Laden arrives -> Executes 9/11 from there.

All these repeated screw-ups and not learning from past mistakes are probably the result of the motto on their currency - "In God We Trust". They trust in god so much that they just keep their fingers crossed and hope everything will be alright. I propose the Americans put a new motto on their currency - "Fool me once..."