Vantage point

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Anarcho-Capitalist-Libertarianism vs Communism

I am not a Communist.
I am not an Anarch-Capitalist-Libertarian(ACL) either.

I told this to a friend in office today, and his reaction was, "Yes, both are very Utopian ideas, utterly impractical, as we saw from the collapse of the Soviet Union".

Well, not really, I said to him. According to me, ACL is indeed a Utopian idea. Ideally I would love to live in an ACL world, but I don't think it is a sustainable....even attainable.... state. But if I were to be born in a happy sustained ACL society, I would love it.

My dislike for communism has nothing to do with its impracticality. I don;t think Communism is a Utopian idea. In fact, I think the exact opposite. I think its a pretty Dystopian idea. The failure of the Soviet Union may be dismissed as "wrong implementation" by Communists. But for me, a perfectly implemented Communist state would be a more scary place than a flawed one.

My problem with most Leftists I have encountered throughout my life, is the fact that their arguments are always full of fallacies galore. I wonder why that is. It is by and large possible to defend Leftist or Communist thoughts logically, without committing any fallacies. Eventually, they will end up at the same age-old question -

"Which is more important - Freedom or Equality?"

And they will give the wrong answer - equality.

But at least until they come to this question, they should stick to logic.