Vantage point

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Blogstreet Hawk

It was recently brought to my attention by Madhu that I have been displaced from the top at the Blogstreet India listings. I have lost my dual position as the #1 Popular Blog and the #1 Most Influential Blog.

Ahh well, it was good while it lasted. The fame, the adulation, and the groupies, that were all a part of being on top. It inconvenienced me greatly to wear a beard-and-glasses disguise when I went out, lest I be mobbed. I could no longer partake of such simple pleasures of life as panipuri and vadapav.

So one positive side of my dethronement is the fact that I can now mingle with the masses, thanks to my newfound freedom. Sure, there will be some girls who will still politely smile at me, the but the shrieking and the hugs will now be diverted to the new top dog.. I mean blog - Kiruba Shankar.

Kiruba, my friend, nurture the spot, will you? It means a lot to me, and I know that in your able hands it will come to no harm. Also, I hope you will be able to shoulder the immense social, political, economical and philosophical responsibilities that are a part and parcel of this position. Little kids will look up to you. The tiny beggars at traffic signals will ask you - "Uncle aap Blogstreet ke number 1 ho na?", and expect a lavish tip. Journalists will exhaust the tape on your answering machine.

Kiruba, I also urge you to not repeat the mistakes I made. Don't make a post without checking for typos. Don't persist with black backgrounds. Also, don't put off sending review reports to your boss until the last moment. This final point may not have contributed towards toppling my blog, but is good advice nevertheless.

So I wish you a happy rein at the top. But remember, I have tasted blood, and I will hunt again. I shall be working to dethrone you in a manner that would make both Brutus and Lady Macbeth knock on the insides of their graves in approval. It will be one long series of conspiracies and plots aimed at regaining the spot.

So Kiruba, watch your back! The West will rise again!