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Friday, February 04, 2005

Blogroll Update

Am adding to my blogroll, the blogs of the Young Turks of Pune quizzing. Only one of them is from COEP (or is it still PIET?). The remaining are from VIT and Fergusson. There are two ways to look at it. Be sad, that quizzing in COEP has declined, or be happy that Pune quizzing is now spreading to different colleges. I choose both. ;)

Anyhoo, the links -

Kunal Sawardekar - The tiny dishevelled quizzer from fergusson with a craze for military trivia, and a caustic tongue. Totally tears apart anything he doesn't like on his blog.

Kunal Thakar - A quasi-geek from VIT, reminds me a lot of Sumeet. Just like Sumeet, updates his blog very infrequently.

Salil Bijur - Another VIT-ian, this one is obsessed with obscure Hindi films trivia, religiously watched B-grade movies on Star Gold, and was seen discussing the "Films of Mithunda" enthusiastically with the other movie freak George. The only guy in the world who actually knows by heart the single dialogue that Nikhil Advani speaks during his tiny cameo in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai(!!!).

Siddharth Dani - Another VIT-ian, and a regular at the boat club. He is crazy about Formula 1, Star Wars, and hates it when people sum up his personality in just one line in blog-roll updates. ;)

Abhishek Nagraj - Nagraj, formerly of Fergusson College, currently at PIET(Formerly known as COEP, currently, probably being renamed as COEP again), is the sole saving grace for COEP quizzers currently. It is on his tender(!!) shoulders that the responsibility of conducting Chakravyuh is going to rest for the next couple of years at least. His other achievements include coming up with the Centaurian system.