Vantage point

Friday, November 19, 2004

Bowlers Fight Back?

I may be making this comment on a very limited sample, but doesn't this season seem to belong to bowlers? Something for Amit and the guys at Cricinfo to ponder.

Just think of the spate of double centuries we saw last season, in addition to 2 triples and one quadruple. Just think of who were the headline makers for last year. (By the way, do you realise that before the Mumbai test, the last win by India which did not see a double century by an Indian came way back in 2002?)

And now, look at the number of five wicket and ten wicket hauls bowlers are chruning out throughout the world. And the big scores we are seeing are mainly hundreds.

Seems like the pendulum which had swung way too much in favour of the batsmen in 2003-04 is now gradually swinging back to normalcy. Hope it continues.

Here's to a year for the bowlers