Vantage point

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outrage over Joel Stein

Joel Stein's article has united ABCDs and FOBs, possibly with Rajan Zed thrown in, into a vortex of outrage. The left-liberal counterpart of Rajan Zed, also known as Sepia Mutiny, has this long unreadable "fisking". Imagine that. Fisking Stein to show he is unfunny. What next - fisking Sarah Palin to show she is stupid? Fisking Glenn Beck's anti-India rant from a few months back to show he is loony?

What has amused me the most is the Sepia Mutiny type crowd's reaction to it. You know, desis, predominantly American-born, who are avowedly left-liberal and pro-democrat. Marching in lockstep with the "grand march". They get their undies in a twist every time there is a perceived anti-Indian slight, but of the non-religious variety (religious, it's all Zed) - like this Stein article, the HuffPo article on dating Indians, D-Punjab-gate, Biden's Dunkin-Donuts-gate etc. It's like they are saying to Stein or the other perpetrators, "But we Indians are part of the grand march! How could you betray us so?"

The article itself, IMHO, tries too hard and is indeed unfunny. But what is there to get outraged about, unless you have never read Joel Stein? He has always been like this, unfunny and unreadable, and has been built up by left-liberals as "edgy" because his targets are almost always conservatives. He trains his guns on us for a change, and suddenly TIME should apologize and/or fire him? How is this different from Zed-ism, but of a secular variety?