Vantage point

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Macnoxious? Appholes? iDicks?

...or TechJoeys? Why Joey?


Joey: You want my advice?

Ross: Yes! Please!

Joey: You're not gonna like it.

Ross: That's okay.

Joey: You got married too fast.

Ross: That's not advice!

Joey: I told ya.

Someone needs to come up with a catchy pejorative for smell-their-own-fart heads-up-their-ass Mac fanboys who respond to plaintive cries of "Anyone got any advice for the best way to remove a potential Trojan or worm?" with "You should get a Mac".

Yes, thank you, bungplug! That is exactly the sort of suggestion Marie Antoinette would give - "Let them get Macs". It is the tech equivalent of the NRA's annoying habit of having "guns don't kill, people do" rallies in towns right after the towns have been the site of a deadly school shooting.

I am talking to you, Patrix! Why Patrix? Firstly, because that's how he responded on twitter (where I am @gauravsabnis BTW in case you didn't know) to my question about the best way to disinfect my wife's possibly Trojan-ridden laptop. Secondly, his URL is "i", so he is just asking for it. And thirdly, I haven't flamed anyone on my blog in ages, and Patrix is as good a target as any!