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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Madrasi_Amit

South Indians, sick of the the generic term 'Madrasi', which reflects a deep ignorance about the variations in South India, came up with the counter-pejorative Amit. Which is good and fine. There are indeed a large number of dumb-looking and dumb-sounding Northie types in the South who have the broadest of brushes at their disposal and hence deserve such pejoratives.

The Amit. What a lovely pejorative to indicate the Northies' ignorance and arrogance about the South! Although I must insist that everyone add one more related pejorative to their glossaries - The Madrasi_Amit. What is the Madrasi Amit? To explain, let me relate just one sample from several identical conversations "we" have had over "our" adult lives.

Madrasi_Amit: Damn, those North Indians are ignorant and arrogant. Calling us Madrasi, and insulting our food and our auto drivers!
Us: They sure can be arrogant sometimes.
M_A: Wait, aren't you offended?
Us: Why would I be offended?
M_A: You are an Amit... I mean a North Indian too!
Us: No I am not!
M_A: Yes, you are!
Us: Am not!
M_A: Are too!
Us: Am not!
M_A: Umm, which state are you from?
Us: Maharashtra (or Gujarat or Orissa or Bengal etc).
M_A: (in smug ignorance) Dude, everything North of Vindhyas is North India and everything South of Vindhyas is South India.
Us: Ok.... Maharashtra is South of the Vindhyas.
M_A: Maha...what? Sounds like an "Amit" state name to me.
Us: No, no, we are quite dickish on our own. Remember the Shiv Sena? Ambedkar? Tendulkar? Manjrekar? Bhandarkar? Pretty much any -kar except for the actual Amit - Manoj Prabhakar?
M_A: D'oh! Too complex. Cannotcompute!!! We insist that you Maharashtrians call yourself Amits or Northies. Tell the same to Bongs and Gujjus.
Us: But.....
M_A: Shhhhh..... do you want the the PMK/SRS to ruin your life? No? Then shut up!
Us: *sigh*

If I had a nickel for every time I met a Southie who was not only convinced, but arrogantly super-assertive that Maharashtra, or for that matter, Gujarat and West Bengal were North India, I'd be rolling in the dough. These specimens deserve to be christened Madrasi_Amit for their unique brand of arrogance and ignorance, combined with a victim mentality of being at the receiving end of arrogance and ignorance from actual Amits.