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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pune Police... keeping you and your pigs safe!

Gotta love Pune. Check this out.

A 48-km chase for four hours and firing of 10 rounds by the police, breaking of barricades as well as running over police vehicles, and pigs being hurled at the police vehicles preceded the arrest of two suspects who allegedly stole pigs from a piggery at Sutardara.
During the chase, the suspects threw stones and the stolen pigs at the police vehicle. Meanwhile, several police vehicles joined the chase.
Sandip Mane, a relative of Jadhav, who was driving the car which was chasing the thieves, said: "At first the thieves pelted stones at my car, damaging its windscreen. Later, they hurled pigs towards us at Chandni Chowk, near Warje octroi post and on Sinhagad road. All the pigs died as they came under the wheels of the police vehicles. They even hit my car twice."

If you think this was funny, read the marathi report. This portion just killed me -

पोलिस टेंपोचा पाठलाग करीत असताना चोरट्यांनी टेंपोतून दगडांचा पोलिसांवर मारा केला. दगड संपल्यावर त्यांनी पोलिसांना डुकरे फेकून मारली. त्यात तीन डुकरे वाहनांखाली सापडून मरण पावली.

So any pig farmers out there wondering where they should set up their next piggery, Pune is the place.

Link via chat from Satyen Kale from Tanvee Kale, forwarded via chat by Satyen Kale.

Update: As any story of this magnitude is wont to do, it has generated some profound thought on chat. Some excerpts from a chat with Kunal -

4:40 PM me: i love the fact that the sakal report mentions exactly how many pigs died because of being hurled
teen dukrey!
and that too a respectful "maran paavli", not "meli"
Kunal: martyrs, all
we should erect statues at all three places
4:41 PM in bavdhan, there actually is a statue of this guy who died after drunkenly driving his bike into a bus
4:42 PM me: amazing!
Kunal: and now the whole area is called kailashvasi tanaji patil nagar
in his honour
5 minutes
4:48 PM me: maybe they should call it dukkarwadi now
Kunal: sadly, that name is already taken
4:49 PM i find it appropriate though, that this chase went on through dukkar khind
4:53 PM me: maybe call it... patit paavan dukkarwadi
to specify the martyrdom
4:54 PM Kunal: hutatma dukkar chowk for chandani chowk