Vantage point

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shiok 2.0

The best restaurant in Bangalore is the one run by my friend Madhu Menon - Shiok, far-eastern cuisine. Shiok has now relocated, and is back with a bang. I always thought that the bar I saw in the old Shiok was the most painstakingly compiled and well stocked bar in the country. Well, for those who want to admire the bar, and have the bartender concoct exotic cocktails, there is now a new cocktail lounge too - Moss.

The new Shiok and Moss, from whatever pictures I have seen, have the most exquisite interiors. Take a look at some pictures here, and while you are there, note down the new plans, check out the new address, the phone number, and call up the phone number at once to make reservations!