Vantage point

Saturday, November 01, 2008

What bugs me about Allen Stanford

I don't care if he is bouncing around pregnant WAGS and play-acting in a way that would make Branson look austere. What gets my goat is the frequent refrain that the Stanford Series is somehow a major effort to crack the US market.

Let us leave aside the question whether the US market can be cracked in the first place. But if he really were serious about it, why would Stanford be so dumb as to time the big 20 million dollar game on a saturday evening in late fall? A late fall saturday evening, when most sports channels and networks, and their million of viewers will be squarely focused on the college football games? Furthermore, a saturday evening that, when it was first scheduled, would have fallen just 2 days after Game 7 of the baseball world series?

This is by no means a serious attempt to break into the US market. And if it is, then I am surprised that Stanford ever made a buck in his life.