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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What Nonsense is This?

Five tourists from UK and US have been ordered to leave India because they took part in a Tibet peace rally. Obviously, this is because of arm twisting by the Chinese Communist Party of India (Marxist). But the reason given seems straight out of Yes Minister -

The government insists that the five have violated visa rules. "On tourist visa, you cannot take part in a religious activity. If we allow that, you will have people coming here to propagate their religion. It's only for travelling and sightseeing, etc. So, they have violated the visa rule by participation in the march," said Ashim Khurana, joint secretary (Foreigners) in the ministry of home affairs.

Hmmm.... so the next time the pope comes to India and holds mass... can we please expect a similar response? Yes, I know he does not come on a "tourist visa", but he is officially one of the "people coming here to propagate their religion". Tell him to return from the airport as soon as he blesses the stair-car.