Vantage point

Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man

This was a match made in heaven - Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark. Downey's natural sass is one of the mot under-utilized resources in Hollywood, mainly due to his own problems. I have always wondered how he would have played Daniel Ocean, because no matter how suave Clooney is, he just doesn't measure up to Downey in terms of original ratpackishness. Tony Stark is as close an approximation as is possible to answer that question. Splendid performance.

From a natural casting to major cognitive dissonance. "Pure" villains are uncommon these days. Villains are now given some sort of a gray area with a weak but sellable justification for going bad. So Obidaya is a rare delight, almost reminiscent of Mogambo or Lotiya Pathan types, if 80s bollywood were a yardstick. Cognitive dissonance sets in because the role has been carried off in a sinisterly perfect way by the guy cannabically etched into my brain as "the dude". Just imagine.... the dude selling arms to terrorists... plotting to kill blondes named Pepper... spreading destruction in a massive suit... and no rugs in play. It is kinda cute when he speaks that one line in hindi/urdu though. Looks and sounds like Bob Cristo.