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Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is what is wrong with the American media

After coming from a third world country to a first world country, I am often surprised at how some complete jackasses-without-a-clue actually have their own TV and radio shows. An excellent example is the right wing radio host Kevin James. Now, I have never heard James before, but there are many similar to him who infest the American airwaves. James' stupidity, ignorance and childishness is exposed here by, of all the people, Chris Matthews! Getting pwned by Chris Matthews is like being hit for 6 sixes in an over by Glenn McGrath.

A bit of a background first, before I present the clip to you. Barack Obama has said often on the campaign trail that he would like to talk to even enemies, including the Iranian president. Bush gave a speech to the Israeli parliament in which many believe he took an indirect shot at Obama by comparing him to those who appeased Hitler. In doing so, Bush unwittingly conformed to Godwin's law. There is a difference between talking to enemies and appeasing/negotiating with enemies. Nixon went to China. Reagan talked to Gorbachev. Appeasement is wrong, but talking is not. What Chamberlain did wrong was appeasing Hitler.

Now you would figure that anyone who paid attention during high school history classes would know what Chamberlain did wrong, what the Munich Pact was all about, and so on. Not Kevin James! Just look at this exchange. It is hilarious. All he seems to know is that Chamberlain was an "appeaser".

If such idiots get their own shows even in advanced countries like the US, I think the Indian media is doing OK.

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