Vantage point

Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Huhh?" Mail of the Day

I got this mail in my blog account -

I being a european first and also an englishman, find this
"film" ,as being anti spanish and obviously anti EC!
Who the fuck do americans think they are!!
World leaders?..think again.
I find the idea of a spanish hotel-worker blowing himself
into very small pieces ,over the fantasies of the arsehole of the known world, ludicrous,to say the least!
Sorry ,I beg to disagree with the feeble idea of american
world domination ..,but they just keep killing each other,
the more the merrier ,as far as I am concerned.
You must harder!!

Obviously I was puzzled. I tried to recall which post of mine would warrant such a response. Nothing came to mind. Then I wondered if this was a spam mail, but it wasn't trying to sell me anything. For a moment I suspected that the politically correct and easily offended had now taken to sending out protest mails recreationally or as practice to random people.

And then it hit me. He was talking about the crappy movie Vantage Point that my blog shares its name with. A pathetic attempt at creating a rashomon-meets-tom-clancy concoction. A movie so forgettable that even though I saw it just a month back, it took me a while to remember what he was talking about.

The perils of sharing your blog name with a crappy movie! I must harder indeed!