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Saturday, April 12, 2008

No, this is NOT Satire!

The Commies in Kerala have made it compulsory for farmers to hire unionised farm labourers to harvest their crop. Machines have been banned. Obviously, the commies have the "noble" intention of ensuring employment and a hike in wages of farm labourers. Just kidding. Indian commies and noble? Clearly, there are more farm labourers and farmers so guess where more votes lie?

And the consequences?

It takes 10 or more workers a full day’s effort to harvest an acre of paddy; a single machine can do the job in less than an hour. The CPM’s intransigence has left the region on the brink of famine. “I could have saved at least 90 percent of my crop if I had a machine. The harvesting would have been over in the first week of March itself, before the rains that destroyed my crop this year,” laments Samuel Kunju, another farmer. “I had taken a loan of Rs 1,75,000. How am I going to repay it? Maybe I should ask the union.”
And to make matters worse,

Both production and acreage of rice have been plummeting over the years. The state depends on its neighbours for about 80 percent of its requirement. Also, the fact that harvesting takes a long time, increases the crops’ vulnerability to summer rains. Over 1,500 hectares of paddy was submerged in the rains in the belowsea level Kuttanad this year. Another moderateto- strong shower could wipe out a crop worth over Rs 30 crore in almost 7,000 hectares.
Not even the most imaginative satirist could come up with a more bizarre illustration of the vile consequences of Indian communism.