Vantage point

Monday, April 21, 2008

Close Eye to Detail!

Watching one of the recent episodes of The Office, something interesting caught my eye. The windshield of Jim's car has on it 2 stickers, one orange and one blue, which any Pennsylvania resident with a car will recognize as the mandatory emissions and safety check stickers. The show, as you might know, is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, but is shot in LA like most sitcoms.

I have generally noticed several conscious efforts from the show to ensure an appearance of Pennsylvania authenticity, starting from the firm's name - Dunder Mifflin (Mifflin in PA is like Shivaji in Bombay or Ambedkar in Lucknow). But this attention to detail really tickled the TV geek in me. These are not standardized stickers that will be the same state-to-state. These look like the authentic PA stickers. That they would go to such lengths to get the Penn-ness is rather cute.

Maybe Obama should put those stickers on his buses if he is serious about winning the state tomorrow.